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Since 1966
Since 1966


Nourishing minds, bodies, and souls is something EBM works towards every day, steered by its core value of humanity.

As a ‘living company’, we aim to nourish lives with our wholesome, nutritious products and our community engagement projects. Be it healthcare, education, or sports, introducing and nurturing healthy attitudes and practises is our contribution to creating a healthier society.

EBM has, by implementing the triple-bottom-line principle of people; planet and profits, always supported initiatives working towards worthy causes, and directed help towards those who truly need it.

Our sustainability initiatives aren’t part of a business plan; they are a way of life for a living company. And, we believe, one of the reasons for our success.

Nourishing Lives

The foundation of a truly nourished society lies in a healthier community. EBM caters to this by developing healthy, nutritious products and lending institutionalized support to various healthcare facilities. We actively create awareness -especially at grassroots level – and invest in research and development to address the health and wellbeing issues facing Pakistan.

Malnourishment is a major issue in Pakistan, and curing it is one of the millennial development goals of the country. As part of its own goal to nourish lives, EBM has invested in research towards the reduction of malnourishment.

Mother-Child Initiative

We strongly believe a healthy mother is key to the development of a healthier society.

Extensive research has shown that malnutrition can be addressed from the period of conception to two years of age. The health of a malnourished mother directly impacts the fetus she is carrying, eventually affecting the quality of her newborn’s health.

EBM, with the pediatric department at Pakistan’s leading university hospital, is working on a clinical trial to control micronutrient malnourishment in pregnant and lactating mothers. The company has developed an energy biscuit formulation with micronutrients for effective maternal and fetal weight gain. The project is now complete and will provide the amount of micronutrients necessary for pregnant women to carry a healthy child to term. To complement the project, EBM aims to create widespread awareness of micronutrient malnourishment among women and the ways to overcome it, and has invested in the expansion of AKUH’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The number of beds in the NICU have doubled from 12 to 24 since the inception of this project, and the unit has also acquired specialized neonatal care equipment.

World Food Program

EBM, in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP), has been working towards addressing food emergencies in Pakistan following natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and drought. The company manufactures high-energy biscuits with essential micronutrients as per the recommended daily allowances (RDA) and balanced protein-energy supplementation, and Lipid Nutritional Supplements (LNS – formerly known as Ready-to-use-food or RUFC) for infants and children. Both products are made accessible to undernourished individuals in the country free of cost.

EBM dedicates over one percent of its production capacity to supply these nutritional supplements to the World Food Program.

The World Food Program recommends the biscuits and LNS as ideal supplements to reduce malnutrition across various regions. 

Project Hope

To further nourish lives of the people around us, EBM has collaborated with Reckitt Benckiser (RB) to eradicate diarrhea from Pakistan. Despite being a preventable disease, diarrhea is the second leading cause of death among children under five years of age.

Major steps need to be taken to prevent the occurrence of diarrhea, particularly in the rural areas of the country, where the incidence is comparatively higher due to inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.

EBM and RB’s Project Hope aims to create awareness about health and hygiene to reduce the risk of diarrhea. As part of the project’s empowerment plan, baskets of products with essentials for health and hygiene are being supplied to the rural areas directly at a highly subsidized rate. EBM is giving away Peek Freans Gluco, one of its leading brands known for its vitamin and calcium richness, as a contribution to the basket to support this project.

Inclusive Healthcare

EBM consistently supports organizations in the provision of healthcare facilities to all members of society

Our support of the Landhi-Korangi center of the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center (MALC) has been ongoing since its adoption by EBM in 2005. To date, the center has provided healthcare, education and awareness services to thousands of individuals, covering mother and child health, leprosy control and treatment, eye consultations and screenings for cataract, tuberculosis treatment, general health checks, skin consultations, economic help and education awareness sessions.

EBM also assists several leading hospitals in sustaining and upgrading facilities as well as operational costs. These institutions include the Bait us Sukoon Cancer Hospital, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, LRBT, Civil Hospital, SIUT, Fatimid Foundation and the Indus Hospital.

Nourishing Minds

Societies can only continue to flourish if they boast healthy minds. For EBM, an educated mind is a healthy mind.

Education is key to any nation’s success, and in Pakistan, many cannot afford this necessity. EBM supports various institutions to raise the standard of education in Pakistan and help those who missed their chance at formal schooling. This is in tandem with our sponsorship of youth seminars, workshops and forums that develop entrepreneurial, managerial and leadership skills in young adults.

EBM has partnered with various reputable organizations to provide learning opportunities to youth from all sectors of society to create a chain of education to help uplift society. These include:

  • An endowment fund at the Institute of Business Administration, as well as a state-of-the-art gym
  • Sponsorship of many students for The School of Leaderships annual Young Leaders Conference since 2004
  • Adoption of The Citizen’s Foundation’s Sarhindi Goth school
  • Support of various NGOs working for special and less privileged schools, including Pakistan Rehabilitation Education Welfare Trust, Institute of Behavioral Psychology, Markaz-e-Umeed, Sahara for Life Trust, Garage School and Kiran School

Nourishing The Environment

In addition to ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications, we are one of the first biscuit manufacturers in the country to have received ISO 14001 (environmental management) certification. Committed to nurturing its surroundings, EBM strives to inculcate practises and processes that have minimum impact on the environment.

EBM has received the National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH) Environmental Excellence Award seven times for its environmental preservation efforts since 2007.

EBM Centre of Excellence

The EBM Centre of Excellence aims to provide a knowledge-based environment to enhance EBM’s own in-house capabilities to re-engineer processes and develop innovative new technologies that not only increase cost efficiency but also minimize the environmental impact of production. The development of new, eco-friendly packaging is just one example of the research conducted at the CoE.

Sustainable Sourcing

EBM takes care to aim for the best at the root to contribute to the signature superior quality of all its products. Our raw materials are put through stringent quality testing, and the growers of these materials receive education on their rights and capacity building. Our suppliers are coached in areas concerning raw material production, hygienic storage, safe transportation and overall quality control, ensuring that EBM receives the best quality raw materials. With their increased efficiency and improved quality of product, growers can better serve other clients, raising the overall bar within the industry, creating a mutually beneficial situation for suppliers and EBM.

Sustainable Production

Our planet has seen a devastating change due to the industrial activities and it is our responsibility to minimize the costs of production. EBM believes in sustainable production, and has worked nonstop to reduce its carbon footprint. The measures taken include:

  • A strong waste water management policy through which treated process water is reused for horticultural purposes, reducing consumption of fresh water. EBM manages to create less than one per cent waste as a continuous KPI, as all biscuits declared waste are sold to cattle farms to be used as cattle feed
  • A heat recovery project in 2013, which resulted in a 93, 6,000cubic meter per year reduction of natural gas consumption. 50 per cent light bulbs within company premises have been switched to energy efficient technology
  • A 65 kwh solar power project at the Hattar factory, inaugurated in 2015. This project will meet eight per cent energy needs of the plant. Since its inception the grid has generated 93,000 electrical units to date, producing energy that could light up one small town

Nourishing Healthy Lifestyles

‘Healthy bodies make healthy minds.’ As a food company with an emphasis on producing nutritious products, EBM strongly believes in this philosophy. From pioneering sports sponsorship in Pakistan in the ‘70s across a range of games, we have actively maintained our ties with sports with investments in cricket, tennis, the Special Olympics, and swimming championships among others at various levels. This, we believe, rounds off our efforts to cultivate an uplifted society well.

One such initiative was the Peak Freans Gluco Tennis Tournament organized between over 11 schools in Karachi. The aim was to inspire the spirit of sportsmanship in the youth of the country, and provide them a platform to nurture their talents.

Wider Community

EBM is a caring corporate citizen and is proud to continuously extend support to various projects that develop and uplift our community and its infrastructure.

Ultimately, CSR is not an additional function, it is an on going, ever-evolving way of life. By embedding the practice of CSR across all aspects of its functions, EBM continues to demonstrate that business growth and CSR are indeed mutually dependant.

CSR National Excellence Award

EBM has been awarded the CSR National Excellence Award by the CSR Association of Pakistan several times for contributions to the Pakistani CSR landscape, especially within education and healthcare.