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Since 1966
Since 1966

Vision, Mission & Values

EBM’s vision and values lie at the heart of all we do. They inspire and guide us to the best possible course of action and, ultimately, the best outcomes. Simple yet powerful, our vision and values strengthen the company and its practices.


To be the leading food company, delighting and nourishing our consumers with superior products and services; while leading sales, shares and profits, thus allowing our people, community and stakeholders to succeed.


To provide wholesome, nutritious, hygienic food-between-meals across Pakistan and beyond.


The four values that define us as a company form the centre of our practices

EBM is an ever-evolving company. We can proudly claim to have broken ground on many firsts in the biscuit industry, and led the way for others to follow suit.

But we are not ones to rest on past laurels either; the process of discovery, advancement and excellence is an ongoing one for EBM.

Leadership +

Be the pioneers of change.

Be it our products or our processes, EBM values the spirit of innovation. We look for ways to improve upon ourselves, and for better ways to do bigger things.

EBM’s Centre of Excellence, a prime research facility for the industry, is a key example of our ambition to progress and develop different areas of the business, including new product development catering to consumers’ varying tastes and preferences.

Innovation +

Continue to innovate in every area.

As a caring food company, EBM strives to produce products that bring a sense of wellbeing to our consumers. Our biscuits are both delicious and nutritious, satisfying hunger pangs and taste buds while providing that necessary pop of energy.

And we pride ourselves on production processes that don’t just result in healthy and safe products, but a healthy environment too, so our most prized asset -our people and consumers - are taken care of.

Vitality +

Add and maintain value to lives.

As a successful, profitable business, EBM understands its responsibility to give back to the community it exists in.

We are therefore extremely involved in national healthcare, education and sports initiatives, which provide these basic amenities at grassroots level.

Humanity +

Extend ourselves to uplift the lives of the most deserving people