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Since 1966
Since 1966

Our Story

In each bite of any delicious Peek Freans biscuit lies the rich tradition of true grit and hard work that has been so essential to EBM’s journey. It has taken many achievements, big and small, for EBM to reach its position as the industry leader today. EBM has followed the legendary Pied Piper to quality and success in Pakistan’s branded biscuit business. Below is a glimpse at some of our major milestones:


EBM found its roots in Peek Frean Pakistan Limited, established in Karachi. In 1966, Peek Freans Pakistan Limited restyled itself as English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited.


It was more than just production of packaged biscuits; in 1967, EBM began a revolution of quality, nutrition and flavor!


EBM was on a mission to innovate: enter Saltish, Pakistan’s first, instantly popular cracker.


Breaking new ground year after year, EBM pioneered branding and advertising on television in Pakistan; EBM was also the first to sponsor TV shows. Peek Freans, and the iconic Pied Piper became a household name with the ‘Listen to the Sound of the Day,’ TV commercial.


Introduced as one of EBM’s first plain sweet brands, queen of biscuits Marie has been consumed ever since as a favorite teatime snack.


Ever the trendsetter, EBM was a partner in the World Football Cup that took place in Munich, as well as the 1973 Wimbledon finals. The following year, EBM sponsored live telecasts of boxing icon Mohammad Ali’s matches.


Loved by millions for its crispy, buttery goodness, Butter Puff was launched this year.


The first to introduce nuts to biscuits, EBM launched Peanut Pik, a beloved brand still popular today, followed by Party and Peanut Pista as part of its value-added range.


Brimming with the taste of Zeera, Click clicked well with Pakistani consumers.


Packed with taste and nutritional value, Gluco is a hit with mothers and children across the country.


An innovation which delighted Pakistan, EBM was the first to introduce chocolate chip cookies to the country’s biscuit market.


Whole Wheat Slices captured the market with their distinct flavor and nutritional value.


The smooth, sweet, and creamy Rio was launched.


Scrumptious egg-and-milk cookie, Sooper, one of our bestsellers, was launched.


Sooper was re-launched with its signature red packaging; within a year, it became the no. 1 selling biscuit across Pakistan.


Bringing double the taste and delight, Rio was the first brand to introduce double cream to cream sandwich biscuits in the local market.


Rio worked its way up deliciously, becoming the leader in the cream biscuit category in Pakistan.


The delectable Farm House Cookies, Peek Freans’ range of premium cookies, were another first for EBM – and Pakistan’s biscuit market.


Ever the winner, Sooper was voted Brand Of The Year for two consecutive years in an independent consumer survey conducted by MEMRB.


A technical breakthrough: EBM commissioned an 80-meter-long production line; the longest across Pakistan and Asia at the time.


Still delighting fans with its melt-in-your-mouth texture, and classic egg-and-milk recipe, sales for Sooper crossed the Rs 10 billion mark.


Butter Puff was re-launched with vibrant packaging and a tasty new vegetable flavor, making it Pakistan’s first ever vegetable cracker.


The authentic recipe Nan Khatai was launched in Classic and Almond flavors.


Chocolicious was introduced to cater to chocolate chip fans in the market in two variants: Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip.


This is the year EBM went to the movies, developing and integrating content for Rio and Gluco in collaboration with Pakistan’s first animated feature film, 3 Bahadur.


After almost five decades, several bestselling products, and millions of satisfied cravings later, EBM is ready to discover and deliver fresh flavors, and satisfy millions more!