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Since 1966
Since 1966

CEO's Message

The honor of being Pakistan’s leading biscuits manufacturing company with a market share of over 48 per cent, in a country of 200 million people, comes with a set of responsibilities. As someone once said, the journey to the top is difficult, but staying at the top is much more challenging. Read More

Our own expectations are matched by the increasing expectations of all our stakeholders, starting with our own employees, and including consumers, suppliers, business partners, government agencies, and the larger civil society.

Companies like EBM that are able to achieve sustained growth over several decades, deeply appreciate the need to be responsive to public expectations; we do this by pursuing a growth strategy which aims to create shared value for the company and those whom their business touches.

Our success is based on our entrepreneurial spirit. It is guided by our sense of market opportunities and delivered due to our experience, knowledge and organizational culture. It is driven by our vision and values.

In the contemporary view, a company’s profits are inextricably linked to the prosperity of its stakeholders and the society at large. Profitability and sustainability are more synonymous than ever now. EBM espoused this way of doing business decades ago by adopting the 3P (people, planet, profit) philosophy and remains committed to it.

In the part of the world where we operate, we are in the midst of a socio-economic transformation. Tens of millions of people will become our consumers when they join the middle classes. With the rise of urbanization, the convenience packaged food industry will continue to grow. Therein lies our opportunity as leaders.

We are different from other players in our industry and purposefully so; we provide ‘food between meals’ to the masses, in keeping with our mission.

We have a purpose-built approach and are entrusted by millions of our consumers to deliver on our brand promise. Manufacturing and marketing of biscuits is what we do, but how we do it matters - to us and to our consumers. We endeavor to bring the highest standards of quality, good governance, corporate responsibility and stakeholder engagement.

Our vision for the future, based on the above thought process is quite clear. We resolve to be innovative in all areas of our business; be it research and development of new products or diversification into new categories in line with evolving consumer tastes and preferences. We are a company invested in the future, be it through development of new export markets, or adoption of better technologies that bring about both efficiencies in operations and reduction in our environmental footprint.

Companies cease to grow when they cease to be innovative. And among growing companies, the one which emerges as the market leader is the company which invests heavily in its people. EBM resolutely believes that it is our people who will continue to drive our future growth and it is our inviolable responsibility to ensure the continuing growth of our people in line with the growth of the company itself.

Our greatest strength is our brands and our people. Our brands are the highest selling in all major categories and our people have enabled us to win the Best Place to Work award. No wonder we exude the pride that we do.
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Dr Zeelaf Munir
Managing Director & CEO Close